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“During the past year, I had the opportunity to work on multiple exciting projects with Ceem and I was lucky to have built relationships, doing amazing things and creating great impact. The deliverables are always sent ahead of time with incomparable high quality documents. Over the past 8 years in my career, I’ve worked with many suppliers but the perfection that –ment delivers is unique in its kind."

Karen Chelala, Marketing Consultant

“Ceem Haidar is a gem. In addition to her excellent communication skills, she is an outstanding manager. She always makes us feel at ease, while working with her we know we are in great hands. From the quality of the work itself to the quality of relationships she built with our team, Ceem always delivers excellent results. She is a true leader at what she does, we wish we could work with her forever.”

Carmen Geha, CIBL for Women

"Working with Ment was truly a breath of fresh air. The team managed to create for us a brand identity, social media information, website and everything we needed to kick-off our business in record time. Their work was efficient, effective and most importantly it exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with the team in the future for all our Branding, Communications and Marketing needs.”

Elie Khawaja, OPERATE

" -ment created our company website and helped us build our online platforms. Not only were they able to reflect our image and look & feel accurately, but also provided excellent pre and post- service support to accommodate all our needs. Highly recommended!"

Medicals at the Center

"Your project management and efficiency is on another level. Although -ment has a focused service scheme, when you are strategizing your approach is holistic, and we are always happily surprised at how broad your experience is. From technology, to FnB, to applications, and insurance, from marketing, operation, to business strategies and PR. The content creation and copywriting is professional, digital friendly and just effortless!"

Anna Odgen Smith, Victor Ayache, Banana Monkey

"I have started working with Ceem in January 2013. After more than 8 years of partnership, the added value that Ceem has brought to our business is unquestionable. Rarely have I seen such a dedicated and efficient person, taking our business at heart as if it was her own. This is also taking into consideration of course, professionalism and availability. Ceem has helped LCI gain massive exposure in the local market and also on a global level. As an unconventional branch of insurance, Credit Insurance is very specialized. She has managed nevertheless to build the necessary knowledge and her level of business understanding is very good. Thank you Ceem for everything you have done for us and I look forward to working with you in the future and on our new projects."

Karim Nasrallah, General Manager, the Lebanese Credit Insurer s.a.l. (LCI)